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bob电子体育竞技官方:School Leaders Led a Team to Nantong to Promote Enrollment

Time:2021-04-21   Browse times:191

On April 17 and 18, Wang Zhenghua, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and vice president of China Pharmaceutical University, led a team to visit several well-known middle schools in Nantong to carry out enrollment publicity and conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions with some pharmaceutical enterprises. Accompanied were Professor Zhang Can, President of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Hua Jianhua, former party secretary of School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and others .

On April 17, President Shi Xin of Haimen Middle School met with Wang Zhenghua and his delegation, and introduced the development of the school in detail. Deputy Secretary Wang Zhenghua thanked President Shi Xin for his warm reception and congratulated Haimen middle school on its upcoming 110th anniversary, and hoped to further strengthen the in-depth cooperation. Subsequently, Wang Zhenghua and his team met leaders of Education Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau and Rudong County Party Committee. On April 18, accompanied by Shao Feng, member of the Standing Committee of Rudong County Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Director of the Supervision Commission, Wang Zhenghua and his delegation visited some pharmaceutical enterprises in Rudong County High-tech Zone and Rudong County Coastal Economic Development Zone, and discussed and exchanged on industry-university research cooperation. Then they had meeting with the main leaders of Jiangsu Rudong Senior High School, Jiangsu Bencha Senior High School, Rudong Matang Middle School and Rugao Baipu Senior Middle School.

During the enrollment publicity, experts such as Professor Zhang Can, Professor Huang Zhangjian and Professor Liu Xiaoxuan introduced pharmacy and China Pharmaceutical University to senior students in middle schools through lectures, discussion and exchange, which were warmly welcomed by teachers and students.

President Shi Xin of Haimen Middle School met with Deputy Secretary Wang Zhenghua and his delegation.

Zhang Can, President of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, was giving a lecture to high school seniors.